Eva Instrumental Extras Are Ready!

The DVD is finally done and can now be torrented. Check out Demonoid to get it. I'll be out of town for the next two weeks, so if you need an invite code I won't be able to hook you up. This project has been a pain in the ass, but I am very happy to finally have completed it. Sand Camel may be very slow, but it always gets the job done.

Also included in the torrent are high quality artwork for the DVD case, as well as a cover for the DVD itself.

Two quick notes: First, the subtitles on the documentaries may or may not show up automatically. If they do not, just hit the subtitles button on your remote control and they will appear. Second, the final size ended up being 6 gigs. Pretty hefty, I know, but if you have a dual-layer burner, it shouldn't be a problem. If you don't, either split it, shrink it, or find someone who does. ;) Enjoy!


It's Baaaaack!

In just a few days the long awaited Evangelion Instrumental Extras Special Features DVD (wow, that's a really long title) will return! It will be downloadable via torrent, and can be burned to a dvd and played on your standalone or computer player. This was supposed to be out roughly a year ago, but was delayed due to myriad problems. Well, it should soon be finished and ready to go. There have been a few minor alterations to the contents of the DVD, so here is a list of the changes:

Music Videos
"Damaged Rei-mix" replaced "Rei, Beyond Her Heart." The truth is I was never very happy with the "RBHH" because the quality wasn't that great, and the song was kind of boring. The new one is a huge improvement.

Gainax Omake
"Ayanami Raising Project with Asuka Langley" game opening replaced "Kodomo no Eva." The video quality for Kodomo was horrible. Besides, the extra footage from the game opening is very cool, and I figured everyone would want to see it. Also, the Genesis 0:0 documentaries now include English subtitles! This is the first time the documentaries have been translated!

Ad Campaign
The Shonen Ace commercial and "Raising Shinji Ikari" game commercial were both removed. The quality of each was quite bad, and neither featured anything really worthwhile. If you must see them they can be easily downloaded. I decided to use the additional space for the other features.

This section now includes the remake of "I Think I'm a Clone Now" by Kaysow. It adds an additional 30 seconds of footage, and the video quality is crystal clear. A welcome addition.

The final disc clocks in at 5.6gigs. At first I was going to shrink it, but I decided to host the full size. That way, people with dual-layer burners can get the full quality, and those without can shrink it down with only a marginal loss in video quality. Or, they can split it into two discs. It's really the best way to do it.

Well, I hope everyone will enjoy this project. It should be fun, although it was a huge pain putting it all together. Stay tuned for updates!


Where's Mahoro?

I've gotten a few questions lately about where to find the first volume of Limitless. Well, it had a pretty successful first run, but I only seeded it for two months. For those of you who didn't get a chance to check it out, please be patient. I will seed it again, along with volume two when that is finished. However, please be patient. Before volume two comes out, I have another project to unveil. This one is almost done, and it is something that has been in the works for a long time. Not a new project, but the resurrection of an old one. I wonder what it could be...


Limitless Vol 1 Ready!

Well, after a million delays, the wait is finally over! You can now download the first chapter of Mahoromatic: Limitless. Just go to Demonoid to grab a copy. You can go there and do a search for Mahoromatic.

Disclaimer: “Mahoromatic: Limitless” is an unofficial, not-for-profit project, made in the spirit of fandom and intended for entertainment purposes only. Those in possession of this collection should also purchase the official retail DVDs.

UPDATE: If you somehow missed the artwork, here is a link for it: Click Here


Limitless Vol. 1 Trailer

So it looks like I didn't get the subtitles finished over Thanksgiving break like I had hoped...my laptop is still down, and I have no other means to work on this project while away from home. I will definitely complete this sucker over Christmas break. In the meantime, I have uploaded a low-res trailer for your viewing pleasure: Click Here I have a higher resolution version I will most likely put on the actual dvd as a special feature since Vol. 1 will have space. Enjoy!


We've Got a Title and a Cover

I've settled on Mahoromatic: Limitless. It's a reference to her limited lifespan (from the series) which has since been removed in my edit. I also spent the better part of the afternoon working up a cover to go along with the edit. It uses the same template as the Eva Extras cover, but that template is so good, how could I not want to use it again? ;) The release date is coming, I assure you, but first I have to get those darn subtitles finished...

Here is the description that appears on the back of the cover:

---Mahoromatic Automatic Maiden: Limitless Volume 1---

In the hidden war against the alien invaders of Saint, mankind
has been saved countless times by an android named Mahoro.
Out of gratitude for her deeds, the earth-defense force Vesper
offers Mahoro the chance to fulfill any dream she desires.
All she’s ever wanted was to live a normal life. So what’s an
android to do?

Enter Suguru, a young orphan with an extremely messy house,
who hires Mahoro on as a maid. Poor Suguru has no idea
about Mahoro`s past life, or her deep connection to him. But
he`s not one to complain as Mahoro moves in, causing
suspicion from his friends, and jealousy from his home-room
teacher. Now Suguru just has to deal with the fact that his
beautiful 19-year old maid is really a combat android!

---An Alternate Retelling...---

Mahoromatic: “Automatic Maiden” and its sequel “Something
More Beautiful” comprise a 27 episode anime TV series from
Gainax Studios. The original telling gave Mahoro a lifespan
that would end in 398 days. Although the series was dramatic,
fun, and lighthearted, it ultimately had a tragic and heart-
breaking ending. It’s conclusion is one of the most reviled in
all anime. Sand Camel Productions thought it was necessary to
re-edit this series to give it a proper finale, one that would
leave the viewer happy instead of disappointed. Some of the
edits that can be seen are: all references to Mahoro’s shortened
lifespan removed, Management removed, Ryuga remains the
final enemy. Enjoy this new version of Mahoromatic!


Mahoromatic Update

I haven't had an opportunity to finalize those subtitles yet...school is really sucking the life out of me. But to appease those of you who have been asking questions, here is a list of the edits made to the first movie. It comprises episodes 1-7. The rationale for editing was to cut out any scene that was (a) redundant, (b) pointless, or (c) used just to fill in the running time.

All episodes:
-- Opening removed (except the first)
-- Eyecatch removed.
-- Closing removed. (except the last)

Ep 1
-- All references to Mahoro's shortened lifespan removed.

Ep 2
-- Miss Shikijo's explanation in the teacher's lounge removed.
-- Angry students becoming winded after chasing Suguru removed.

Ep 3
-- Weird bird scene removed.
-- Suguru's scene hanging out with Miyuki's family removed.
-- The family father thinking of Suguru as his own son removed.
-- Mahoro's inner reflection on the end of her life and Suguru possibly hating her removed.

Ep 4
-- Friends calling one another on the phone scene removed.
-- Human military removed, so now the Crab Robot is a part of Saint, and not a mere accident.

Ep 5
-- Beginning scene of Vesper discussing the previous episode against the crab robot removed.
-- All references to Mahoro's shortened lifespan removed.

Ep 6
-- All references to Mahoro's shortened lifespan removed.
-- Old men complementing Mahoro, and remarking how hot she looks removed.

Ep 7
-- Suguru's weirded out face looking at the sky removed.
-- Added title card "To Be Continued."

Run time: 2 hr. 10 min. 34 sec.